GEOBYTE Software GmbH was founded in November 1998 and has its own highly successful range of GIS (geographic information systems) products. It has developed award-winning GIS-based solutions in partnership with major customers such as the state capitals Stuttgart and Munich (awards include the “MAINTAINER.SAP” award for a solution used to maintain urban green spaces and trees in Stuttgart and a “Best Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse Solution” award for the ZIMAS Central Information Management and Analysis System used by the City of Munich).
By 2003, the company had grown to become a systems vendor, winning contracts for IT concepts and maintenance/support for two large hospital groups in the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg. In the course of the expansion, new and existing employees of the company formed a team with many years of experience in the control center/incident command field. The “Leitstelle für Sicherheit und Mobilität in Stuttgart (SIMOS)” project – Stuttgart’s centralized emergency operations center – paved the way for the company to enter the market for German security authorities and organizations (BOS) in 2004.

Also in 2004, the first metropolyNEO modules, developed in collaboration with Stuttgart Fire Department, made their debut on the fire department’s ELW 2 command vehicle at the “Rescue” trade fair. By the time the 2006 World Cup rolled around, the system was being used in live operations.
The 2009 NATO Summit in Strasbourg and Kehl, the Pope’s 2011 visit to Erfurt and Freiburg, and the 2010 “Still-Leben Ruhrschnellweg” festival with Essen Fire Department were some of the other customers and major events that left their mark on the company and the metropolyNEO products.

In 2017, following collaborations with numerous fire departments, fully networked metropolyNEO installations at district level (in both cases with control center/incident command system integration), and innovative solutions for state-wide emergency operations (metropolyNEO InterConnect), the system successfully entered the police market when it was adopted by the Hesse police force, where it is now used in live operations. metropolyNEO Version 3.5, which was developed as part of the project, is now available to all customers.