Of course, a networked software system that is integrated into the customer’s IT and network environment and has links to the incident command system, the e-mail server and possibly the geoinformation system for mapping also has to be managed and operated. The same goes for the mobile components, which may be operated on hardware permanently installed in vehicles.

The GEOBYTE team provides expert assistance with all aspects of metropolyNEO operation, from hardware replacement and operating system updates, through changes to networks or firewalls and new e-mail systems, to metropolyNEO updates provided as part of the support and maintenance contract.

Our wide-ranging expertise encompassing standard technologies, server technology, and Windows servers and more than 20 years of experience with complex IT projects (including designing and operating control center technology and systems) provide a sound basis for service and support. Some team members have 30 years of experience in the German emergency organization (BOS)/control center environment while others have more than 35 years of experience from numerous GIS (geographic information system) projects, including award-winning projects at GEOBYTE.

This means that we are able to design complete solutions and deliver a turnkey system with hardware, infrastructure and a ready-to-use metropolyNEO environment.

Strict professional secrecy and compliance with statutory provisions such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are a matter of course for us.

We also offer an optional 24/7 hotline and around-the-clock support, 7 days a week.

As you might expect, some GEOBYTE employees have also gained specific professional experience through volunteering with fire departments and the THW (Federal Agency for Technical Relief) or working with security authorities and organizations. In addition, senior colleagues from professional fire departments, fire protection management at county level, and the police service are available on a freelance basis to provide training and consulting.

We also provide expert technical support – whether you need to design a district or state-wide rollout with an appropriate authorization concept, adapt our system to your working methods and facilities (e.g. with operations templates and checklists), or prepare response team operations for planned situations.